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Do you believe the safest bet is a bet on yourself?

Do your friends and family consider you competitive?

Do you hate to lose?

Do you have a burning desire to succeed and will do whatever it takes to make it happen?

If any of this sounds familiar, memoryBlue may be worth a look.


Over the last 17 years, memoryBlue has launched hundreds of careers for high-tech sales professionals from our offices in Tysons (DC Metro), Austin, Boston, Denver and Silicon Valley. In 2018, we were ranked #1 Corporate Culture by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), the de facto authority on the advancement of the inside sales profession.

The company is in expansion mode and is consistently named one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. This isn’t a one or two-year run. From 2013 – 2019, Inc. magazine recognized memoryBlue on its Inc. 5000 list (seven consecutive years), placing it in the top 99.9999% of companies for steady growth during that time span.

The two cofounders are hands-on and driven to open additional offices across the country. One sits on the advisory board of a venture capital firm and is considered one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals” and the other sits on the Sales Advisory Board at Virginia Tech.

As with all consulting and professional services firms, the star of the company is you – the individual – whereas at technology companies, it’s the technology.


The company believes a great culture starts with having the opportunity to work with talented coworkers and is powered by five core values: hustle, grow, care, fun, and abundance. Everyone from the cofounders to the most recent new hire is committed to working each day to close the gap between potential and accomplishment.

Each of our offices has an electric sales floor with “ESPN like” video leaderboards that update key wins in real-time. You’ll have your own theme song and avatar that will broadcast across all the offices to celebrate your noteworthy accomplishments. You’ll compete with 100+ other individuals each month and the top performer will hoist a championship belt while earning full bragging rights for the next 30 days.

memoryBlue is a meritocracy where the highest performers enjoy the biggest rewards from day one. Starting your first week, you’ll have an opportunity to earn all or half of Friday off. Top performers have gone an entire summer without working a single Friday. The focus is on goal time, not clock time.

Twice a year, the company takes the top 50% of eligible SDRs on a “Tops Trip” to an exotic destination in the tropics.

Got student loans? The company will help pay them down for you on a monthly basis.

And you’ll celebrate your one-year anniversary with a company funded $3,000 vacation to the destination of your choice.


New hires complete an intense two-day sales skills “boot camp” and ongoing six week sales education course with your start class where you’ll share the acclimation and ramp up experience with others. This training experience is led by dedicated leaders who each know precisely what it takes to succeed in professional sales. The training will stress the importance of how you sell, not what you sell, and it will arm you with the tools needed to become a strong sales professional.

During and following your boot camp, you’ll continue to experience a wide array of ongoing training activities which build upon lessons learned. This includes our highly focused weekly staff training sessions. Here you’ll see presentations on professional sales best practices, dissect sales calls, and discuss industry changing sales materials.

This isn’t the “blow off” class you took in college. Everyone is asked to anonymously score each session so that the training is under continuous improvement.


This is a B2B Sales Development role where you’ll surface new sales opportunities for a quota-carrying sales executive to drive and ultimately close new business. These are five, six, and seven-figure deals that take 90 days to 18+ months to close. You’ll work on one or two client engagements at any given time, which will expose you to multiple technologies and sales cultures. Along the way, you’ll build your professional network and potentially get hired by our clients. This experience will directly help you determine what’s important for your career in the long-term.

You’ll work directly for a Delivery Manager who once was a top performing SDR, and you’ll have a monthly goal of securing somewhere between 8 and 20+ leads with your clients.

High achievers can get hired by a client or elevate within the firm into a role with greater responsibility (and earning potential). One elevation opportunity is the Delivery Manager position, where you’ll manage a portfolio of high-tech clients and lead a team of SDRs. This path can ultimately develop into a Managing Director role, where you’ll run an entire office or maybe even open a new one. Additional paths include growing into a full-cycle closing sales rep for memoryBlue, where you’ll have responsibility for landing new clients or advancing on to our Talent Team, where you’ll scout the marketplace for high potential new hires to add to the firm.


Base Salary + Monthly Bonuses. Bases range from $37,500 – $60,000 and are dependent on office. SDRs can earn $1K – $2K base salary increases each month. Bonuses are paid monthly and range from $100 to $7,000+.

You can find higher paying base salaries and compensation plans. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find an opportunity that beats the long-term value of the memoryBlue experience.

Lasting Impact

You’ll join an exclusive collection of highly successful professionals – The memoryBlue Alumni Network – once you complete 15 months of service, go work for a client, or get promoted internally. This group of more than 250 accomplished professionals stretches from coast-to-coast and illustrates what’s possible with this opportunity. 97% of our alumni believe memoryBlue taught them vital sales or professional skills. 1 in 8 earn $300K after only three years of leaving. 64% earn $250K after a decade.

Together, these elite individuals remain hyper-engaged with the firm many years later. Each year more than 50 alums compete for the Alumni of the Year Award, which earns the former employee entrance into our Hall of Fame and a $5,000 company paid trip to anywhere in the world.

If you’re like most people, you underestimate what you can accomplish in a decade.

Let’s go prove what you can do.

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