memoryBlue Academy Fundamentals

Hand-Crafted Training Meets Real-World Implementation

memoryBlue Academy builds sales skills in a lasting way, where improvements are measured and lessons are put to the test through actual experience. Expert guides lead participants through a carefully constructed Bootcamp curriculum. And the magic happens with ongoing follow-up and continuous hands-on coaching, as SDRs flex their knowledge through real sales development work during the six week Foundations program.

No sales seminar, best-selling book or 2-day retreat can provide this type of educational experience, regardless of how entertaining and well-known the speaker is.

Tailoring the Lessons

Kellie Courville

Academy Facilitator Kellie Courville

Facilitator Kellie Courville oversees every part of Academy operations as she leads every cohort through a unique and customized educational experience.

Kellie knows the role well — she is a former stand-out Senior SDR at memoryBlue as a 14-time monthly quota hitter sporting a lifetime attainment average over 100%. She earned her way onto all three company President’s Club trips during her tenure as an SDR and now she takes pride in ensuring the next wave of sales professionals are ready to hit the ground running.

Below is a closer look at some of the tools memoryBlue Academy uses to ensure our students absorb the critical lessons and build good habits right from the start of their careers.


Bootcamp Scorecards

Every participant kicks off the Academy experience with a two-day Bootcamp designed to immerse aspiring SDRs in the basics of the role. The sessions are intense and interactive – allowing students the opportunity to learn through a variety of methods. By the end of Bootcamp, every student receives a Scorecard which reflects their progress up to that point. They are rated across five main areas on a 1-7 scale, with additional space for instructor feedback to go beyond the numbers:

  • Participation
  • Engagement
  • Coachability
  • Technique
  • Attitude

These broad areas provide a good basis for the SDR and their Manager to map out progress goals for the remaining six weeks of ongoing study.


Weekly Manager Reports

The memoryblue Academy is a different learning experience because our instruction and guidance extends well beyond the initial course material. Every cohort continues to receive daily and weekly education, and our lead instructor provides consistent feedback to Managers through a Weekly Report. These reports contain a metrics readout and granular details about the SDRs performance that week as observed by our instructors. This regular update gives Managers all of the tools they need to coach for performance and recognize positive strides.


The Call of the Day

Using cutting edge call coaching software (as detailed in this larger blog post), our instructors shine a spotlight on actual “game film” from SDRs on the phones. The Call of the Day highlights a call from an SDR currently going through memoryBlue Academy.

A call is selected by the instructor, reviewed and finally critiqued with notes by one of our Managing Directors. The call is sent to all Academy cohorts — complete with areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. During daily huddles, each cohort discusses the Call of the Day and students learn how they can apply the takeaways on their own calls.


Daily Huddle

All Academy cohorts meet on a daily basis with the instructor throughout the duration of the six week Foundations program.  These daily huddles are workshops where reports revealing metrics from the prior day are broken down and sound strategies for future sales goal attainment get mapped out.

The huddles also include detailed discussions around the Call of the Day, as well as a short review of the latest episode from the memoryBlue Podcast.