Fill the Sales Talent Gap

How We Help Our Clients

Finding, hiring and training high potential sales professionals from the ground up is incredibly challenging. There is staggering turnover in sales and negative turnover is markedly high in early-stage sales development roles.

Compounding the problem is the positive turnover of top performers who elevate into sales roles with more prestige, responsibility, and earning potential.

Both of these scenarios make it difficult to maintain a well-oiled sales development team. The demand for competent SDRs outstrips the supply by leaps and bounds.

memoryBlue helps our high-tech clients tackle this challenge in two primary ways: client conversion opportunities and our unique Rising Stars program.

Client Conversions

Many of our high-tech clients start a sales development engagement with us with the intention to ultimately build out their sales team with our people. As sales campaigns progress, our reps become well-versed in the product knowledge and messaging techniques that generate new business opportunities for these clients. In many cases, clients will wish to convert our SDRs right on to their in-house teams permanently. The fees to complete this conversion are part of their original agreements and pricing drops according to a variety of factors.

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars program is a unique outplacement service for our sales development professionals. Once an SDR successfully completes 15 months of service with memoryBlue, he or she may wish to explore various new career opportunities. We pair these hustlers with high-tech firms hungry for the vital skills these pros maintain. Unlike lump sum recruiting services, our fee is monthly and fully capped at 24 months. If the individual departs your organization for any reason whatsoever, fees stop immediately.

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