Alumni Benefits

Membership in the memoryBlue alumni network brings impressive benefits for those who finish their tour of duty by completing 15 months of service, exiting to a client, or elevating internally. Starting a career with us doesn’t just help our alumni get off to a great start, it brings tangible rewards to their fingertips for years to come. Below are a few of the ways alumni membership pays off.

Hire Rising Stars for Free

The Rising Stars program is a unique outplacement service designed to benefit our alumni and our tenured sales development professionals. Every single memoryBlue alum has full access to hire our Rising Stars into their current company at zero cost. That’s potentially thousands of dollars in direct hire savings simply for being part of the memoryBlue network.

This benefit gives alumni a huge edge in closing the sales development talent gap (along with the inside track on cashing in any referral fees associated with recommending new hires).

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Bring in ‘Blue for a Massive Discount

Our alumni are a vital part of memoryBlue. We believe that those who have helped us build the company should get a major discount on our sales services. As such, every memoryBlue alum can bring memoryBlue to their current employer for a 30-day, 1/2 FTE sales development campaign at a price based on their exit year. If you became an alum in 2010, for example, you can bring us in for just $2,010. This is less than half of our typical rate. Because this benefit is so strong, please note that it is limited to one usage per alum per company in a given 12-month period.

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Talent Referral Rewards Program

We’re constantly hiring tomorrow’s high-tech sales stars and we want our alumni to play an active role in the search for this talent. Simply send us the name and contact information of potential future hustlers. We’ll immediately reach out and put them through our normal candidate assessment process.

If they accept a job offer here and remain at memoryBlue for more than 90 days, we’ll buy the referring alum $1,000 in travel vouchers with the airline carrier of their choice.

Send all referrals to Be sure to include all appropriate contact info (name, email, phone number) for you and your referral.

Ongoing Access

We keep our entire alumni base connected to the firm in an intentional way. Alumni attend our quarterly happy hours, participate in company events/outings, and frequently come back to speak with our current staff.

Additionally, the annual Alumni of the Year competition routinely attracts 40-50 applicants and ultimately bestows a $5,000 dream vacation grand prize on the winner. The company periodically hosts ad hoc alumni dinners in cities where multiple former employees reside. And the CoFounders consistently serve as mentors and professional references for alumni at every stage of their career.