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Nelson Lawson

East Coast Healthcare
Regional Account Manager
Time at memoryBlue: 8 Months
Prior to memoryBlue: George Mason University

Why did you choose to launch your sales career with memoryBlue?

As I explored a variety of entry-level sales opportunities, it quickly became clear that memoryBlue’s ongoing training platform blew away anything else I had seen. Combine that with the exposure to future career opportunities, and I can’t imagine a better place to launch a sales career.

In what ways did your memoryBlue experience set you up for a successful career in high tech sales?

memoryBlue instills a level of discipline, as well as specific training methods, which can turn you into a successful salesperson in any industry. The level of sales training at memoryBlue is equal to, and in many cases better than the top tier training offered by billion dollar companies.

What are you doing now?

In my role at McAfee, I am a trusted security advisor to healthcare organizations like hospitals and biotech labs. I present network security solutions that increase operational efficiency and situational awareness, helping these organizations better deal with compliance and regulatory issues.

How does your memoryBlue experience help you in your current position?

I can trace just about anything I do in my role back to something I learned or experienced at memoryBlue. The tactical training was phenomenal, but more importantly, they helped me to prepare for the mental challenges tied to the typical ups and downs of any sales position.

memoryBlue has achieved the delicate balance between creating an extremely competitive environment, but also one in which we all consider each other “family.” We want to see every member of the family succeed, and take great pride in being a part of that tradition.

Last but not least, memoryBlue provided me with an ethical and moral compass for doing business with integrity. I carry that with me every day, in everything I do.

What is the highlight of your career to date?

2011 marked the best year of my career. I achieved 151% of my $10 million quota with the Department of Defense, and that earned me an invitation to the McAfee President’s Club, a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, and a promotion from an inside sales role to a field sales role. Additionally, I was involved in the largest Department of Defense deal in McAfee history.

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