eBook: Should You Insource or Outsource Inside Sales?

Download our eBook to understand the pros and cons of each and get tips for making the best choice for your company.

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Career Infographic: Alumni Survey

Launching a sales career at memoryBlue is a fast-track to sales success. We surveyed our entire Alumni base and received a whopping 90% response rate!

Most people underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade. See what’s possible for those in their post-memoryBlue careers.

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Case Study: Building a Record-Setting Inside Sales Team

Eloqua wanted to quickly build a top-performing inside sales team from scratch for their headquarters. See how memoryBlue produced and delivered the inside sales talent necessary to propel the team to record-setting results.

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Case Study: A Complete Inside Sales Solution

Data storage giant Nexsan needed a new approach to inside sales to scale up and acquire more customers. memoryBlue custom-tailored a results-oriented strategy that included both sales development representatives uncovering new sales opportunities and quota-carrying inside sales reps closing deals.

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Case Study: Building Inside Sales From the Ground Up

Salsa Labs needed to scale up sales quickly. memoryBlue crafted a customized inside sales solution that increased year-over-year bookings per rep by 48%.

Salsa hired their SDR from memoryBlue and his ramp time to close his first deal was half that of previous new hires.

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Case Study: Creating Harmony Between Marketing and Sales

Metastorm needed to improve the relationship between marketing and sales. memoryBlue had the gravitas to professionally engage with C-Level executives and provide the visibility needed in order to raise the credibility of the marketing team in the eyes of the sales force.

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Case Study: Jumpstarting a Startup

Find out how memoryBlue delivered Orchestro (formerly Vision Chain) over 60% of the Sales Qualified Leads that converted to revenue.

What started as support for a single salesperson with the global provider of demand and supply chain solutions expanded to the entire national sales force.

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