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Freshen up your sales skills with these quick tips from some of the leading experts in the field of professional sales.

memoryBlue’s own Nimit Bhatt, Managing Director of Business Development, brings practical strategies and insightful comments right to your doorstep with our ongoing series The Sales Minute with Nimit.

Every interview features an important lesson dedicated sales pros can use to improve their skills right now.

Webinars & Event Appearances On Demand

In addition to The Sales Minute with Nimit, memoryBlue periodically conducts Webinars or has leaders appear at industry events covering a broad range of sales topics packed with information that can benefit leaders and individual contributors alike.

Every Webinar or event session replay is available to watch or download free of charge right here.


Julianne Thompson – Head of Sales Development, Drift

Imagine that you just joined a new company to run a Sales Development team. You are immediately tasked with scaling up your team quickly…then, a global pandemic hits and you’re forced to do it all entirely remote.

That’s exactly what happened with Julianne Thompson, Head of Sales Development at Drift (and memoryBlue alum!). Nimit sits down with Julianne to talk about that journey and how she holds her team accountable in this lively episode.


Mark McWatters – VP of Sales, Ambition

Mark McWatters, VP of Sales at Ambition, details exactly how Sales Managers and Leaders can get the most out of their one-on-one meetings with team members when employees are remote. Too many times, these meetings get left behind (remote or not), and that’s a big missed opportunity for everyone involved. Check it out to see why you can’t skip these crucial coaching moments.


Jason Bay – Co-Founder and CRO, Blissful Prospecting

How do you convey empathy over an email or LinkedIn message? Jason Bay, Co-Founder and CRO, Blissful Prospecting, joins Nimit and explains the need to first understand what “empathy” really means.

Don’t miss this extended episode featuring a range of great insights and tips, as well as Jason’s unique perspective on the psychology of sales prospects during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Scott Barker – Evangelist & Podcast Host, Outreach

What should sales pros focus on during the Covid-19 pandemic? Scott Barker, Evangelist & Host of “The Sales Engagement Podcast” at Outreach, offers two key points every seller needs to keep in mind when there is upheaval in the business marketplace.


Aaron Browning – VP of Sales, FrontSpin

Cold calling sales prospects is a tough job that can be even more challenging when sales pros lose access to an office environment filled with energy. In this episode, Aaron Browning, VP of Sales at FrontSpin, reveals multiple tips every professional seller can employ to manufacture a little buzz while getting the job done.


John Healy – Sales Director, GrubHub

How do you transition from being a team member to managing that same sales team?

John Healy, Sales Director at GrubHub gives specific advice on the best way to make the move. If you’re ready to be in charge, there are a few simple facts you need to make clear up front.


Dan Gottlieb – Sales Industry Analyst, TOPO

Nimit gets the scoop on what sales trends to look for in 2020 from Dan Gottlieb, Sales Industry Analyst at TOPO.

In particular, you’ll hear exactly why transparency is going to change the game for individual sellers, as well as sales managers, in a massive way.


Dr. Howard Dover – Director, Center for Professional Sales, University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Howard Dover, Director, Center for Professional Sales at the University of Texas at Dallas, explains the method he uses to determine if a student should consider professional sales.

Spoiler Alert: no two successful sales pros are exactly alike. But there is an essential ingredient that they all share.

Webinars & Event Appearances

Replay any memoryBlue Webinar or leadership appearance at industry events on demand


Overhauling Onboarding: The Secrets to Decreasing Time to Productivity

In his appearance on a panel at the Momentum 2020 conference, Nimit joined other sales leaders for an insider’s discussion around what makes a great onboarding process, as well as how to reinforce great sales training with certification and coaching. Nimit peeled back the curtain on how we solve this immense challenge at memoryBlue while onboarding and training over 200 SDRs annually.


How We Hired and Trained 195 SDRs Coast-to-Coast in 2019

In this appearance at the 2020 Tenbound Virtual Sales Development Conference, Nimit walked participants through just how memoryBlue hired, onboarded and trained 195 new SDRs across four offices and three time zones. Very few companies attempt something this bold in a single year. In particular, he reveals how memoryBlue accomplished such an aggressive achievement and shows the audience how to implement memoryBlue’s top hiring and onboarding tactics within any sales organization.


What’s Working: Sales Development in the Covid-19 World – Part 1: Messaging

In the first of a 3-part Webinar series from April 2020, amidst the changing business conditions created by the Covid-19 global pandemic, Nimit broke down highly effective messaging techniques designed to help sales pros overcome objections. He also lets the audience “ride along” by listening to strong examples from our 125+ SDRs in action during this time period.


What’s Working: Sales Development in the Covid-19 World – Part 2: SDR Management

In the second of a 3-part Webinar series from April 2020, amidst the changing business conditions created by the Covid-19 global pandemic, Nimit was joined by Jackson Hawkins, Delivery Manager at memoryBlue, Bryan Elsesser Senior Director of Sales Development at Aircall, and Julie Mann, Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely, to examine the leadership tactics and techniques that work best during this unprecedented time. The SDR Management session includes actionable, timeless insights and important lessons for everyone involved in professional sales.


What’s Working: Sales Development in the Covid-19 World – Part 3: Coaching & Development

In the third of a 3-part Webinar series from April 2020, amidst the changing business conditions created by the Covid-19 global pandemic, Nimit was joined by Steve Richard, Founder and Evangelist at ExecVision. The session broke down effective methods of coaching and development tactics that are beneficial for sales managers and SDRs.