Client Delivery Manager, Austin

Dotun launched his sales career at

memoryBlue after graduating from the

University of Texas at Austin. He now

manages a portfolio of high-tech clients from

our office deep in the heart of Texas.


“One of the most important roles I play is serving as a trusted adviser to our clients. Keeping them current on industry trends and sales best practices is critical to their business growth.”

Dotun spends his days leading a team of elite Sales Development Representatives and making sure memoryBlue clients extract maximum value from their engagement.

Here’s a snapshot of what one of his days looks like:

5:30am:  Wake up and go to the gym. Whether it is weightlifting, leg day, getting a few shots up on the basketball court, cardio, or yoga – there’s nothing better than exercising my mind and body before heading into battle! On the drive to work, I’m game planning new strategies, competitions, and incentives to keep my team engaged and having fun.

8:15am: Arrive at the office to prepare for the day. I greet all of the Sales Development Representatives on the way in and get them pumped up for our morning sales call blitz. One of my side responsibilities at this hour is to man the DJ station and make sure our morning playlist is exciting enough to wake the team up. I spend the next hour and a half live call coaching the team. It’s a great spark to start the morning with new thought-provoking strategies for our client campaigns.

10:10am: Morning Team Dotun meeting – we sync up as a team and discuss our morning blitz (interesting conversations, challenging objections, roadblocks, and a plan for the remainder of the day). We also use this time to discuss any announcements or special areas of focus for the week.

10:30am: New hire huddle – I bring together all of the office new hires to fill in gaps and answer any questions about memoryBlue, our office, their sales training plans and more. This is also a good time to review SDR fundamentals such as how to use our sales technology tools, how to build sales prospect lists, and the basic structure of a successful sales call. We usually spend some time here listening to sample sales calls and evaluating them as a group. This shared time lets us glean new techniques from one another and increase our sales IQ.

11:00am: Host a weekly client meeting and share our latest metrics reports – this includes gathering and interpreting both leading and trailing performance indicators such as sales conversations, leads booked, lead quality scores, meeting hold rates and more. I’m also engaged in industry research for each of my clients to stay up to date on trends, changes and M&As. A great time to enjoy my lunch is while staying current on the things my clients care the most about.

1:00pm: Individual team meeting blocks – this time is designated to touch base with any of my team members who need it. We spend a lot of group time through the day ensuring our sales activities and metrics are top-flight. Complimenting that broader work, these one-on-one sessions are designed to discuss personal barriers to success, happiness levels, goals for the future, distractions, office culture or anything else that needs to be addressed. I try to ensure that I’m doing all that I can on a daily basis to help my team members remain clear of unnecessary obstacles and remain excited to be at work.

2:30pm: More live call coaching. During our final sales call blitz of the day, I stay “hands-on” and help coach our SDRs to success. I’m actively training team members in a wide array of sales techniques and strategies on the sales floor. It’s my responsibility to keep the team motivated through the end of the day, which means the music must be on point as well!

4:30pm: Afternoon Team Dotun meeting – after a strong call blitz, we go over full day sales metrics, ups and downs, and discuss a game plan for the following day. This is also a great time to call out SDRs that show exemplary work and offer suggestions to those who need improvement. Finally, we spend time here focusing on progress made towards team goals.

5:30pm: I wrap up the day by listening to recorded sales calls. This provides me with a firsthand look at the challenges and objections our SDRs are facing, as well as which sales techniques are proving to be successful. These calls help keep me centered on the growth of my SDRs and the success of our clients, which is what I love about my job!

7:30pm: Eat dinner and wind down with my wife. I’ll spend some time here organizing my thoughts and tasks for tomorrow, so I can get off to a productive start first thing in the morning.

University of Texas at Austin
BA, Economics

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