SDR, Silicon Valley

Jake has been a welcome addition

to the West Coast sales delivery team.

He arrived fresh out of the University

of Wisconsin-LaCrosse eager to learn the

nuances of sales development, and he relishes the

challenges of high-tech sales.


“The most unexpected aspect of my work at memoryBlue continues to be the diverse array of clients that come through the door. This role has opened my eyes and allowed me to gather a wide depth of sales experience across a range of industries and spaces.”

I first became aware of memoryBlue through the AroundCampus Group summer internship program, for which memoryBlue is one of the career partners. I became intrigued with the notion of entering the realm of high-tech sales as a result of that experience. Ultimately, I was introduced to Kristen Wisdorf (Managing Director, DC Metro office). After discussing the wide array of opportunities available through the firm, Kristen put me in touch with the Talent Team and I was immediately impressed with the core business model.

My post-collegiate goals centered around becoming part of an organization that would give me the best possible foundation to kick-start my path into professional sales. I’ve always been eager to challenge myself and explore new opportunities; there is no better place for that than Silicon Valley. From this office location with memoryBlue, I’m in the heart of the action and can experience different tech spaces in order to determine my best sales career path moving forward.

I decided to start a career in high-tech sales because I was, and still am, captivated by the endless possibilities and continual development within this sphere. The tech industry has become ingrained into nearly every facet of life. Being from Wisconsin, I always felt like we were on the tail end of that process, so I decided to pack two suitcases and fly out here to get my foot in the door of something bigger.

One great byproduct of this job continues to be the diverse range of clients that come through the door. Before working here, I thought the IT space was basically data storage and security. This experience has opened my eyes and allowed me to appreciate niche ideas and projects, and some of these solutions and spaces present a much greater challenge to successfully navigate than others.

The Silicon Valley team really embodies the personality of the Bay Area, in that we work really hard and play even harder after our work is done. We are a close-knit crew and spend a lot of time together, inside and out of the office. No one shies away from the occasional smack-talk or blitz challenge, as it’s part of what continues to drive our fervor and the contagious energy that keeps us on our game. Everyone marches to the beat of their own drum and we all respect that out here, which allows for continual adaptation along with the ability to try and explore new strategies. Taking risks is one of the best elements of my job.

Closing business for one of my clients has provided me with amazing experience and deep sales knowledge which is accelerating my career. Personally finding new business and seeing those deals get finalized, generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for a client, is incredibly satisfying. Those are the moments that feel absolutely fantastic because you can be sure you did something right, which motivates you to continue developing your sales techniques.

Moving forward, I want to continue developing my sales skills until I am able to take on a full time closing role as an Account Executive. I thrive under pressure, and I picture myself on the front lines handling the biggest enterprise deals eventually. This vision motivates me to keep grinding and always push myself to learn more, because you never know when an opportunity may come to fruition.

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
BA, Communication

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