Sales Executive, DC Metro (HQ)

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Marketing, Joey started at memoryBlue as a Sales Development Representative. He’s since elevated into a key Sales Executive role based in our Washington, DC, office.


“Because this was going to be my first job after college, I was seeking an environment with a heavy emphasis on professional training. My goals also included finding a place where I could work with like-minded people and see a clear path to career growth. I found all three of these things at memoryBlue.”

I stumbled across memoryBlue at Virginia Tech’s College of Business Job Fair in October of 2013. One of the first things I noticed was how passionate one of the Cofounders, Chris Corcoran, was about his business and the people that he ultimately elected to bring on as inside sales reps. He enthusiastically brought me through his approach to hiring, the types of companies in their client portfolio and he shared some examples of memoryBlue alums doing big things across the tech sales industry.

Because this was going to be my first professional job after college, I was seeking an environment with a heavy emphasis on growth and training. My goals also included finding a place where I could work with like-minded people where employees could find plenty of avenues to grow their careers. I found all three of these things at memoryBlue.

The entire company buys into a unique aspect of the employee experience here: our option for clients to hire out top-performing sales reps. SDRs that are extended an offer by their clients are celebrated and publicized, which has led to a vast and very powerful memoryBlue alumni network as a result. Our brand has a strong reputation for producing top tier high-tech sales talent. Having memoryBlue in my background will help tremendously in all of my future job endeavors.

I love technology and I love the inherent day-to-day challenges of being in a sales role. Sales development is a tough gig and memoryBlue understands that. The culture here is great. Everyone you work with has similar career goals and the results from a cultural standpoint are fantastic. I enjoy my co-workers, I enjoy meeting new SDRs and I’ve been fortunate to make good money while achieving a comfortable work/life balance.

Sales is unpredictable, but that motivates me in amazing ways. Every conversation and every moment is unique. I enjoy being in a career where I can talk for a living with a company that helps me learn how to have the right sales conversations. My role is to deliver value to sales prospects and grow professionally at the same time. It’s a fantastic and winning combination.

When I started at memoryBlue, my goal was to get to a closing role as soon as possible and an internal path presented itself to accomplish that initial mission. After making the move to remain as an internal employee, driving demand for the company, nothing has changed about my work ethic and commitment to success. I work hand in hand with the best sales leaders I’ve ever met and I learn a tremendous amount each and every day.

As the most tenured individual contributor on a sales team that has doubled in size in the last year, I have learned a great deal about leading and teaching others. Assisting our Director of Sales as we ramp up new team members is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. This job has cemented my future career goals, as well. I want to be in high-tech sales until I retire and the sky is truly the limit.

Virginia Tech
BA, Marketing

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