The Cure for Empty Sales Pipelines

How We Help Our Clients

Filling pipelines with sales qualified leads by executing a consistent sales development process is our specialty. We’ve honed this process over nearly two decades of success on behalf of hundreds of high-tech firms.

memoryBlue sales professionals execute a carefully crafted, multi-touch cadence that engages targeted decision-making prospects and qualifies them using a variety of methods. The end goal of our outreach efforts is scheduling a sales qualified meeting so you can deliver a comprehensive discovery call and quarterback the sales cycle to closure. These professionals also have command of a cutting edge set of sales technology tools that are among the best the industry has to offer. Pairing the brightest talent with the best sales tools is a combination that delivers repeated strong results.

Our Process

memoryBlue believes sales development success is best achieved when our clients engage in a close partnership with us. We become an extension of your team – learning your product or service, honing your market messaging and giving you direct feedback about how your solution is received in the larger marketplace. Using this knowledge, our well-trained SDRs will book sales qualified meetings right on your salespeople’s calendars. You’ll remain closely engaged in the process through feedback mechanisms such as our unique Client Lead Scoring program, weekly meetings with your sales development team, regular call review sessions, and more.

Pricing to Fit Your Budget

Our pricing models make it easy to do business with us. You can engage with us on a fixed-fee model (most popular), a pay-for-performance basis, or a hybrid that combines the two. In the fixed-fee model, you’ll have dedicated sales leaders and SDRs that will feel like a part of your in-house team. Alternatively, the pay-for-performance model can make sense for businesses in mature markets that have a limited budget or a low risk tolerance. You can also customize a plan that suits your business needs and makes sense for your sales structure.

Client Conversions

Many of our high-tech clients start a sales development engagement with us with the intention to ultimately build out their sales team with our people. As sales campaigns progress, our reps become well-versed in the product knowledge and messaging techniques that generate new business opportunities for these clients. In many cases, clients will wish to convert our SDRs right on to their in-house teams permanently. The fees to complete this conversion are part of their original agreements and pricing drops according to a variety of factors.

Get Started

Our sales development efforts produce new business opportunities that have converted into $1M+ closed deals. Hundreds of high-tech companies have trusted memoryBlue to help them grow, penetrate new markets or test the viability of a new product. Learn how we can customize a sales development program for your company today.

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