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Justin Brown

Describe your current role at memoryBlue. What does a typical day look like?

I head the search side of the business, which I describe as a head-hunting firm that specializes in technology and software. Basically, our clients come to me when they need sales expertise and don’t want to outsource this function. I help them find people with the talent, background, skill sets, and even the personality they need for the job.

Let’s say a company needs someone with more than five years of sales experience in a certain sector of technology — it’s my job to scout the marketplace and attract top talent to fit those requirements.

On a typical day, I spend my morning sourcing clients and arranging interviews for candidates. I use the middle of the day to get organized, conduct interviews and put my notes together. In the afternoon, I’m searching for and reaching out to promising candidates.

I divide my day into chunks and prioritize by the urgency of my client searches. Some of my clients invest in a financially committed search. These clients are at the top of my board.

What was your first year like at memoryBlue?

I started out as an Account Executive, an entry-level position but one with big growth opportunity. In that role I learned a lot about sales, marketing, business development, communication, and a lot more. I hit my quota every month for four months and was promoted to Manager. At that point, I oversaw an inside sales team. Six months later, Chris Corcoran and Marc Gonyea, our co-founders, asked me to head up the search side of the house, which is what I’m doing now.

What initially attracted you to the company, and why did you choose to stay on?

It was evident from the very start how in-depth and comprehensive the company is in everything it does. When the recruiter reached out to me initially, we talked for an hour and a half. Then I had multiple interviews with both owners, as well as other team members. The whole experience showed me how much they care about their brand and people. memoryBlue won’t just hire anyone — we want people who totally mesh with the company and have a real knack for sales.

The culture at memoryBlue is another reason I stay. We’re a young culture. We have a fantasy football league in the office; we have a dodge ball team. So we have fun, but we also take our work seriously. Everyone I work with is ambitious and highly competitive but also incredibly supportive and collaborative. We’re not sitting alone in a room all day making cold calls. I couldn’t do that. We high-five each other when good things happen, and it’s a fun but highly dynamic and professional atmosphere.

Did you always envision a career in sales? What led you here?

In college, I was editor-in-chief of our paper and ran a sports talk show. I was really into communications and everything that went along with that. When I graduated, I thought I would get a communications job, writing for The Washington Post or working in TV.

Although I entertained other job offers, those plans changed when Marc Gonyea called me and expressed memoryBlue’s desire to bring me on board. He guided me through the decision making process and even offered the opportunity “check memoryBlue’s references” just like they did with mine. Marc encouraged me to talk to memoryBlue employees and alumni if I wanted.

I was pretty blown away by the owner calling, and in the end I came to memoryBlue as an Account Executive – probably the best decision of my professional career. Marc has been a big mentor ever since, and, Chris, too. Chris is now my direct point of contact. I bug him all day long and really look up to him. He’s an enormous influencer.

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