Talent Recruiter, DC Metro (HQ)

Upon completing her undergraduate degree at

Christopher Newport University, Libby quickly

rose through the ranks in our DC Metro office.

Her knack for finding top-tier sales professionals makes

her a core part of the Talent team at memoryBlue.


“The relationships I build with my candidates are as organic and genuine as they are professional. In my role as a Talent Recruiter, my focus is to find the right person with the right mentality for the job.”

When I began interviewing with memoryBlue, I had never considered working in sales before. The opportunity was introduced to me by a friend that recommended I give it a shot, so I went for it. As a recent college graduate with a versatile degree in Communication and Business Administration, I was looking for an opportunity that could provide me with a strong career path. After a few introductory conversations with my recruiter – who clearly enjoyed her job and was passionate about the company – I was sold that memoryBlue was the spot for me.

I had hesitations about professional sales, as it was something I didn’t know much about.

Would I be good at it? Would I even enjoy it? How fun can sales prospecting be?

During my interview process, I realized the SDR job would provide something different than the other positions I was considering: with hard work, it essentially guaranteed to set me up for a bigger, better opportunity in the future. The role provided me with the sense of direction I was seeking from my first job out of college. Once the team walked me through the multitude of career paths possible after the role – high-tech sales, recruiting, sales management and more – I was blown away. I couldn’t believe a company like this existed.

The most unexpected aspect about working at memoryBlue has been the friendships I formed within the first few weeks. As a terrified recent-grad fresh out of college, I had no idea what to expect in the corporate environment. Once I realized that I was surrounded by a culture of people that all had similar backgrounds, goals, and personality traits that I did, everything else came easy. Mentorship, friendships, internal support and an endless network of people was more than what I could have asked for from a first job.

As I reflect on my decision to move into recruiting, I truly think the career path chose me. I enjoyed the career discussions my initial memoryBlue recruiter had with me. With six months of the SDR position under my belt, I moved over to Talent. At that point, I possessed the skills to sell, and I knew being on the Talent team gave me the ability to use that skill to help other recent college grads (like me) navigate their first steps into a new industry. The Talent role has given me the ability to sell the virtues of the position which got me where I am today, which is a great perspective to share with job candidates. Making the switch to recruiting has been the most rewarding experience of my career thus far.

I get to solve the best problem in the company every day at my job – filling open positions with driven, talented and ambitious individuals.

memoryBlue’s entrepreneurial environment has taught me to be adaptable in all facets of my life. I speak to people every day that have a variety of backgrounds, professional desires, and strong career expectations. I’ve learned how to ask questions, be vocal about my own needs, and to never accept the first “no” that may come my way.

The relationships I build with my candidates are as organic and genuine as they are professional. In my role as a Talent Recruiter, my focus is to find the right person with the right mentality for the job, and I don’t shy away from describing the challenges involved with high-tech sales. Speaking to someone who is competitive, driven, and doesn’t blink at the understanding of those challenges – that’s what gets me excited.

I’m proud to have earned a Senior Talent Recruiter spot in the past year while leading my team to a top-producing quarter.

Going forward, I plan to stick with the recruiting and talent acquisition career path. I’m passionate about expanding my recruiting skills and building strong relationships.

Christopher Newport University
Bachelor of Business Administration

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