Build a Foundation for Lasting Success

How We Help Our Clients

Turning individuals with high potential into thriving, productive sales professionals takes the right sales development leadership. It is incredibly time-intensive and requires continuous guidance from sales experts while being immersed in a high-energy sales environment.

memoryBlue helps high-tech firms turn a lagging in-house sales development team into well-trained revenue opportunity generators. Your SDRs will receive proven coaching techniques all while being held accountable so that they produce at a high level. Watch your SDRs rise from mediocrity under our careful tutelage.

Our Process

Your employees can work from your office, remotely, or we will host them right on our own sales floors.

Your SDRs are treated like “one of our own” and get meticulously mentored by the same effective techniques we practice with our staff. From call reviews to one-on-one huddles, we’ll build strengths, identify improvement opportunities, and make incremental changes. The time we devote to each individual team member will lead to dramatic skill and mindset improvements that will pay dividends for your business. Our program also features weekly classroom-style training that’s fully immersive and includes a rigorous reading regimen covering classic and cutting-edge sales books.

Training Camp

Your SDRs will be indoctrinated into the same intensive training program specifically designed for increased sales productivity that all of our own SDRs go through. Bad habits will be shattered and replaced by proven sales skills done the right way. This program builds on techniques learned so that your team members sequentially acquire the skills and practical applications they can use to move your company forward.

Experienced Leaders

Our experienced senior leadership plays a key role in the sales training process, presenting mini-classes on sales basics that include topics such as opening calls, using emails in the sales process, leaving voicemails that generate callbacks, developing a questioning sequence to uncover opportunities, and overcoming objections in the sales process. If you’re ready to start building a foundation for real sales success in your existing team, get in touch with us today.

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