memoryBlue Leadership


Chris Corcoran
Cofounder and Managing Partner

Chris Corcoran is Cofounder of memoryBlue and an evangelist for the high-tech sales profession. He sets the strategic direction and oversees the core operational functions of the firm.

Under Corcoran’s leadership, memoryBlue is consistently one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. Inc. magazine has recognized the firm on its annual Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years (2013-2019), placing it in the top 99.9999% of companies for steady growth during that time span.

The firm received the Corporate Culture Award by The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals and is guided by five core values – hustle, grow, care, fun, and abundance.

Before launching memoryBlue, Corcoran held inside and field sales roles with DIGEX and F5 Networks.

Corcoran received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Virginia Tech, where he sits on its Sales Advisory Board.


Marc Gonyea
Cofounder and Managing Partner

Marc Gonyea is Cofounder of memoryBlue and an enthusiast for sales development success within the high-tech industry. He oversees all client engagements from design, to development, to delivery.

Under Gonyea’s direction, more than 900 high-tech companies have increased the performance of their sales development efforts. He has built memoryBlue into a top source for proven sales talent and remains active with the firm’s robust alumni network of more than 350 standout professionals.

Gonyea was named “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals” by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals and serves on the advisory board of Strategic Cyber Ventures, a cyber security focused venture capital firm.

Before launching memoryBlue, Gonyea held inside and field sales roles with CA Technologies and MicroStrategy.

Gonyea received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from George Mason University.


Kristen Wisdorf
Head of Client Services & Delivery

Kristen Wisdorf oversees all client engagement and sales development activities for the company. She is responsible for the successful delivery of services arising out of each and every memoryBlue office. She brings over a decade of experience in sales leadership, direct sales, talent acquisition, and sales rep development to clients and the entire services team.

Prior to her current role, Wisdorf served as the Managing Director of the company’s largest office (DC, HQ). Under her tenure, Wisdorf nearly doubled revenue and margin within her first 12 months at the helm and her efforts have contributed widely to the company’s rapid expansion.

Prior to memoryBlue, Wisdorf served as the Vice President of Sales Recruiting and Development for The AroundCampus Group, where she led a team responsible for the annual hiring, training, and management of 640 sales professionals from college campuses.

Wisdorf earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.


Nimit Bhatt
Managing Director, Business Development

Nimit heads up business development efforts for memoryBlue, where he manages all strategic partnerships and takes the memoryBlue story on the road, speaking at various events across the country. Prior to this role, he managed client delivery for multiple sales offices. He successfully helped found and grow the company’s Austin office in 2014 and served as the company’s first dual-office Managing Director when he took over the duties for a period of time with our Silicon Valley office.

Over the last eight years with memoryBlue, he has trained and managed over 100 SDRs and has run sales development campaigns for over 100 B2B technology companies, helping memoryBlue to be one of the most successful sales development consulting firms in the U.S., and making Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies.

Nimit currently serves on the leadership board for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Austin Chapter and was named as a Top 25 Inside Sales Leader at the AA-ISP’s national conference in 2019.

Prior to memoryBlue, Bhatt earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.


Tommy Gassman
Director of Sales

Tommy Gassman manages the internal sales team at memoryBlue, which has been the driving force behind the firm’s powerful growth over the past decade. Having launched his sales career here in 2011, Gassman is one of the most tenured leaders at the company and a significant part of the 6-straight Inc. 5000 awards earned by memoryBlue since 2013.

Under Gassman’s leadership, the sales team has more than doubled in size while average client TCV has continued to steadily expand. He is personally responsible for grooming numerous high-potential sales pros into polished deal closers.

Prior to joining the team, Gassman earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Radford University.


Kevin Harris
Director of Marketing

Kevin Harris oversees all internal and external marketing and communications programs for memoryBlue. His work connects the firm with a variety of audiences and positions memoryBlue for success in terms of both client and talent acquisition. He manages all content marketing, social media efforts, and alumni relations on behalf of the company.

Under his direction, the firm’s real-time client lead scoring program and client survey program (NPS-based) have both achieved widespread adoption. His work using social media strategies to increase public awareness of memoryBlue’s culture played a major role in the firm’s 2018 AA-ISP Corporate Culture Award.

Prior to joining memoryBlue in 2015, he led teams in communications and web content management positions for Nextel, Sprint, and multiple public relations firms.

Harris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from James Madison University.


Grant Toomey
Director of Talent

Grant Toomey oversees all aspects of memoryBlue’s talent recruiting operation, including the internal hiring process as well as the external Direct Hire placement service. Toomey’s team is responsible for internally hiring over 300 sales professionals every year, as well as directly placing qualified sales pros in open roles outside memoryBlue.

Toomey accrued over a decade of experience in outside sales, technical recruiting, and sales and recruiting management prior to joining memoryBlue. He has led teams ranging in size from 4 to 40 professionals in a recruiting agency environment, directly helping a wide variety of businesses across the country grow through his guidance and leadership.

Prior to his current professional path, Toomey served for nearly four years as Deputy Press Secretary and, ultimately, Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (Montana).

Toomey earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and English from Montana State University.


Andrew Palmer
Managing Director, DC (HQ)

Andrew Palmer manages all client engagement and sales development responsibilities for the company’s flagship DC-based headquarters. Palmer has been with memoryBlue over three years and served as a leader in a Client Delivery Manager role for more than two years, during his time prior to joining the leadership team.

Palmer personally managed 27 SDRs during his Client Delivery Manager tenure, and he oversaw more than 20 highly successful client engagements. This success was most visible through his extended client engagements, which exceeded the company average duration by over 27%. SDR tenure under Palmer’s management also flourished, with SDRs under his watch remaining with the firm more than 57% longer than the company average.

In addition, over 75% of Palmer’s sales development clients remained with the firm well after their initial contract terms expired.

Prior to joining memoryBlue, Palmer earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from East Carolina University and he holds an MBA from Western Governors University.


Jeremy Wood
Managing Director, Boston

Jeremy Wood manages all client engagement and sales development responsibilities based out of the rapidly expanding memoryBlue Boston office. Wood has been with the company over four years, and served in a Client Delivery Manager role for more than two years prior to opening the Boston office and joining the leadership team.

Under his direction, the Boston office achieved nearly instant success in shortly after opening its doors in 2019. This success created an internal need to double the number of available desks just three months after the official office opening. In less than one year, the memoryBlue Boston office featured over 20 active sales professionals and two Client Delivery Managers helping Wood steer the ship.

In his prior role as a Client Delivery Manager, Wood successfully managed the three longest-tenured client accounts among his 25+ overall client engagements. He personally managed and mentored 34 SDRs, 22 of whom went on to get hired out by a client or promoted to key internal positions on the sales and talent teams. His clients added over $10M in qualified sales pipeline and closed millions of dollars in new deals during that time.

Wood earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from James Madison University.


Joey Plesce
Managing Director, Denver

Joey Plesce manages all client engagement and sales development responsibilities based out of the newest memoryBlue office in Denver, CO. Plesce has been with the company nearly four years, and he served in a Client Delivery Manager role for more than three years prior to opening the Denver office and joining the leadership team.

Plesce managed over 50 client engagements during his tenure as a Client Delivery Manager, and his campaigns frequently expanded in scope after the initial contract terms or resulted in the SDRs he mentored getting directly hired out by the client.

In fact, of the 55 SDRs Plesce personally trained and mentored in that role, over 70% went on to either earn an internal promotion, get hired out directly by a client or fulfill their contracted time period at memoryBlue and elevate into the high-tech sales marketplace.

Prior to joining memoryBlue, Plesce earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Christopher Newport University.


Joe Reeves
Managing Director, Silicon Valley

Joe Reeves supervises all client engagement and sales development responsibilities based out of the memoryBlue Silicon Valley office. Reeves joined memoryBlue in 2016 and quickly elevated into a Client Delivery Manager role following his successful tenure as an SDR.

Under his management and direction, the Silicon Valley office has more than doubled its number of SDRs since he took over operations in 2018. He has personally led over 50 client engagements and facilitated 35 different SDR elevations and internal promotions.

Reeves earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.