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Super Bowl Monday: Not a National Holiday, but a memoryBlue Holiday

What will you be doing this Sunday,       February 3, 2013?

If you’re anything like 111.3 million other U.S. citizens, you’ll be watching the Super Bowl. You’ll be eating your share of the 8 million pounds of guacamole consumed that day, and maybe even indulging in some of the 50 million cases of beer that get imbibed on a typical Super Bowl Sunday.

And if you’re like approximately 60 million other folks, you’ll be doing all of this at a Super Bowl party.

Will you be part of the 6% of Americans that call in sick on Super Bowl Monday?

Not if you work for memoryBlue.

Super Bowl Monday is an annual celebration at memoryBlue, and we give our Millennial-heavy employee base the day off.

Why? Because we want to embrace a culture of rewarding results and hard work in a unique,  fun way.

Where did this come from?

As a twenty-something trying to work my way up the ladder in corporate America, I never knew exactly what to do with myself on holidays like Columbus Day or President’s Day.

While the rest of the world was busy negotiating appliance deals at Sears or testing out mattresses at Sleepy’s, I wondered quietly, “There are at least three or four other Mondays I’d rather have off than these days.”

One of those days was Super Bowl Monday.

So, when my business partner and I founded memoryBlue, we made it a point to remember the little things that were important to us when we were coming up in the high tech sales industry, and committed to creating a culture that would appeal to young, ambitious, hardworking employees that embraced a “work hard, play hard” attitude.

That culture now includes a vacation day on Super Bowl Monday.

After tossing the idea around for a few years, last year we finally decided to make Super Bowl Monday a memoryBlue holiday. It was done in stealth mode initially, but the reception was so warm internally that we decided that it would become an official part of the memoryBlue experience for all employees (Except, of course, Marc and me…we’ll be in the office, enjoying the silence for a day).

Our employees, who bust their butts to make their clients successful on a daily basis, can now enjoy their Super Bowl parties, and not worry about picking up antacid on the way home to account for the chicken wings, popcorn and chili. They don’t have to worry about being a step slow on Monday, because they’re free to be two or three steps slow on Monday, if they choose.

So, if you see a memoryBlue employee out at your Super Bowl party, ask them what they’re doing the next day. Offer them a ride home so they can fully enjoy the party.

And while you have their attention, ask them about working at memoryBlue. Our training-focused environment produces high-tech sales superstars, and more than 80 of our alumni have moved on to lucrative roles at companies such as Oracle, EMC, and We currently have open positions. Check out what it’s like to work here, see what some of our alumni have done, and then get in touch.

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Since cofounding memoryBlue in 2002, Chris has helped provide inside sales resources to more than 150 high tech companies, and has hired, placed, or evaluated hundreds of high tech sales professionals. Chris spearheads the memoryBlue recruiting service, and is passionate about developing sales talent that generates results.

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