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How We Help Our Clients

The memoryBlue Public Sector practice harnesses our deep experience in this space and channels it into a tailored sales development offering designed specifically to help businesses focused on selling to federal, state and local government entities.

These campaigns are customizable and typically run out of our HQ office, which operates right in the heart of the greater Washington, DC area.

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A History of Success

After nearly a decade of strong performance for our clients who target this space, we officially launched the memoryBlue Public Sector practice in 2020. But this is by no means a new endeavor for the company. memoryBlue has helped businesses operating in nearly every technology space increase the scope and effectiveness of their sales development efforts aimed at federal, state and local agencies.

Companies rely on the combination of our deep knowledge of the public landscape and unparalleled expertise in lead generation to grow revenue in a climate that requires experienced guidance.


Strong Leadership

The entire practice runs under the close supervision and experienced guidance of Simone Comer – Director, Public Sector. Simone was tapped to lead this team after achieving unparalleled success in nearly three years overseeing a wide variety of highly successful sales development campaigns. Under her management, in one incredible stretch spanning a 12-month timeframe (June 2019 – June 2020), her sales team (the largest in the company) finished in 1st place company-wide 7 out of 12 times (out of 15+ teams). That run included the first time in company history that one team captured 1st place every single month in a quarter (Q3 2019).

Working out of our DC-based HQ office, Simone has personally led successful campaigns targeting every level of the public sector on behalf of Booz Allen Hamilton, AWS, Infoblox, Splunk and more.


Case Study: Achieving Accelerated Sales Development in the Federal Space

To drive value for their partners, IT solutions provider BAI aimed to produce a steady flow of sales-qualified leads. The firm needed outside sales support to drive these targeted, strategic federal campaigns and memoryBlue delivered. With the engagement producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in closed opportunities and adding over $5M more in sales pipeline, BAI maximized the memoryBlue model and hired several proven stars directly onto their team.

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Case Study: Containing Costs and Driving Results for a Public Sector Solution Provider

Government agencies at the federal, state, and local level need efficient, dependable case management — and that’s what MicroPact provides. Their existing sales team included some sales development resources, but they wanted to see if they could drive costs down and add flexible capacity by outsourcing a portion of those functions. memoryBlue was the perfect fit to achieve both goals.

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Public Sector Facts, Stats and Insights

In a special edition of our weekly memoryBlue Insights update, we took a close look at some key metrics, highlights and client-based lead scores from the Public Sector side of the business. These updates only scratch the surface on this massive area of focus for our firm, but they paint a picture detailing just how important this business segment is for memoryBlue and a large number of our clients who sell to this space.

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