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How We Help Our Clients

Strong sales development is the lifeblood of every successful business, but solving this function in-house can be elusive, time-consuming and costly. memoryBlue pairs well-trained sales development professionals and leaders with high-tech clients in search of a better way to consistently generate a pipeline of sales qualified leads.

Radical Transparency

We’re serious about client feedback at memoryBlue. If you want to get a good look at exactly how our clients feel about our work, go behind the curtain right now. Here are our most recent 1,000 sales development leads scored on a 1-10 scale by our clients happening in real-time! The good, the bad, the ugly – it’s all here.

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Sales Development

For over 18 years, we have helped high-tech firms tackle their sales development challenges and carve out bigger market share in their space. Building and executing a carefully designed, multi-touch cadence that generates a flow of sales qualified leads is the hallmark of our business. Our solutions are flexible and our talented professionals produce real results that clients bank on.

Offering Overview

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Direct Hire

The foundational bedrock of every strong sales team is a nucleus of highly talented, feverishly motivated sales professionals. But finding and hiring these individuals is tougher than ever in the modern high-tech landscape. memoryBlue Direct Hire slams the door on this problem and brings your business a steady stream of quality talent while dramatically lowering your hiring risk.

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memoryBlue Academy

memoryBlue Academy is an instructor-led program combining a variety of educational methodologies designed to teach participants the fundamentals of sales development. The curriculum encompasses all aspects of the SDR role, and is a transformational journey regardless of the existing professional background or experience level of the participant. After successfully training and launching the careers of hundreds of highly accomplished sales professionals, we have gathered our proven sales educational practices together in one place and made them accessible to everyone.

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Sales Development Leadership

Is your sales development team delivering the production your business requires? They may need specialized training, accountability from focused management, or ongoing coaching that can increase their contributions to your top line. At memoryBlue, we continuously train and manage a massive team of sales development reps across our multiple office locations from coast-to-coast. Placing your reps onsite in the hands of our leadership team will expose them to intense training and provide them with the sales skills and knowledge that has proven to be successful and that they need to succeed.

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