Alumni of the Year

Our top honor, an annual award recognizing former employees who have achieved massive success.

The 2019 Alumni of the Year Award is Now Up for Grabs!

It’s official – we are accepting applications and nominations for the 2019 memoryBlue Alumni of the Year Award!

The entire application form is online and easy to complete right now. Don’t wait until the last minute (applications and nominations are due no later than Thursday, Feb. 21), get it done today!

All alumni are encouraged to apply – never count yourself out early. The judging is based purely on the year you put together in 2018 and your success is weighed against that of the expectations within your current role.

As always, applicants and nominees will be put through a rigorous judging process where our expected 40-60 contenders get whittled down to three finalists. From there, the former Alumni of the Year winners, a star-studded judges panel comprised of decorated inside sales industry luminaries, company leadership, current staff, and an “at large” popular vote help select a final winner. In the end, there can only be one Alumni of the Year – someone who stands alone on top of an extremely high mountain!

The Prize

Our 2019 Alumni of the Year winner captures a $5,000 dream vacation on us along with the prestige that comes with joining the select group of prior victors. We also hang a banner for every winner in each of our offices, letting every memoryBlue visitor and employee know just how much this accomplishment means. Finally, each winner gets their own conference room named after them in one of our offices.

The Judges Panel

Like past years, we will turn to a strong group of inside sales industry luminaries to help us judge the competition. The panel last year was comprised of five professional sales experts, leaders and educators:

  • Bob Perkins – Founder & Chairman, American Association for Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)
  • Craig Rosenberg – Co-Founder & Chief Analyst, TOPO
  • Lauren Bailey – Founder & President, Factor 8
  • Mark Weber – Executive in Residence, The Catholic University of America
  • Ralph Barsi – Senior Director, Global Sales Development, ServiceNow

We owe these professionals a special debt of gratitude for their insight and help in selecting a final winner and will unveil the 2019 panelists soon!

Background on the Alumni of the Year Award

After well over a decade of helping companies surface new revenue opportunities, hundreds of memoryBlue alumni have elevated into roles with some of the industry’s most recognizable names and hottest start-ups.

The memoryBlue Alumni of the Year Award recognizes individuals who have achieved outstanding accomplishments and put together a “career year” so to speak. The winner receives “Hall of Fame” treatment in our offices complete with a $5,000 dream vacation on us and a banner commemorating the achievement.

Get to know the history of the program

For a sense of what it takes to become a Finalist, learn a little about our outstanding 2018 trio below.


Meet the 2018 Alumni of the Year Award Finalists

Katie Braesicke
Director of Sales Development, Ceros

Katie managed and grew her sales development team 900% in size (from 3 people to 30), given no framework beyond ‘teach them how to be you’ in 2017. She took full ownership and implemented a regimented training, mentorship and career advancement program in order to build her team the right way. As a result, her squad sourced over 400 SQLs, had $3M in sales at a $40K average deal size (including companies such as Under Armour, GEICO, Capgemini, McKesson, NetApp, and the Boston Celtics) and is the top performing team in the company.

Michael Breslin
Director of Corporate Accounts, CenTrak

Michael achieved 214% of a $1.1 million-dollar quota by selling over $2.3 million of RTLS hardware into thirteen existing customers and bringing on four new enterprise customers for his company. This production directly resulted in his promotion from Senior Account Executive to Director of Corporate Accounts during the year. He was awarded the inaugural Barry Bascove award at CenTrak in 2017. This prestigious honor was awarded for being the top performing sales executive in the company, beating out a team of over 30 seasoned sales professionals.

Michael Daversa (Winner)
Senior Sales Director, Infor

Michael led a team of Enterprise Sales Professionals covering all of North America for $3B tech company Infor in 2017. Due to his personal leadership, coaching, training and management efforts, his team produced dizzying numbers last year. Some of the accomplishments included:

  • $5.4M in total bookings in Fiscal Year ’17 (calendar year 2017)
  • Increased rep productivity (on his team) and sales efforts YoY by 254%
  • Increased his team’s revenue growth YoY by 211%

These major success, along with numerous other accomplishments, led to Michael receiving Infor’s “Getting it Done, Doing it Right” Leadership Award for 2017.