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Episode 31: Josh Crippen

Episode 31:  Josh Crippen РManaging Expectations 

When you become a manager, your success is measured by how well you help others accomplish goals. And empowering and enabling other professionals to thrive can be just as rewarding as personal achievements.

After a relatively short and successful tenure as an SDR, Josh Crippen elevated into a Delivery Manager role at memoryBlue. That move presented him with the formidable challenge of leading his peers – some of which were his close friends. Over the year that he was a DM, Josh learned what it took to be a strong manager and he helped others aspire to the qualities that make for a great SDR. Today, Josh leads fellow sales professionals as an Account Executive at Higher Logic.

On this episode of Tech Sales is for Hustlers, Josh recounts his time as a DM, he shares the professional characteristics he looks for when hiring SDRs, and he walks listeners through the fine details he believes that create better managers.

Additional Details

Name: Josh Crippen
Title: Account Executive
Company: Higher Logic
Exit Year from memoryBlue: 2017
Months at memoryBlue: 26
Alumni Path: Internal Promotion