Tech Sales is for Hustlers Podcast

Episode 28: Robbie Connors

Episode 28: Robbie Connors – The Rising Star

Robbie Connors was memoryBlue’s inaugural Rising Star in 2016. Backed by a stellar SDR experience, Robbie interviewed with a variety of companies and was flooded with job offers. He accepted a role with ScienceLogic and has continued his rapid career ascent in strong fashion. In just four years since departing memoryBlue, he has been a two-time Alumni of the Year Finalist and a highly accomplished Enterprise Account Executive at ScienceLogic. In fact, Robbie has even helped continue the Rising Stars cycle by helping usher in two additional memoryBlue SDRs directly into his company.

On this episode of Tech Sales is for Hustlers, Robbie articulates how he is able to make any system work for him, offers sage advice on the best way to evaluate different job offers, and shares a variety of sales techniques that helped him become a stand-out SDR.

Additional Details

Name: Robbie Connors
Title: Enterprise Account Executive
Company: ScienceLogic
Exit Year from memoryBlue: 2016
Months at memoryBlue: 20
Alumni Path: Rising Stars