Sales Development: Campaign Building Blocks

The Science of Revenue Generation

Enabling business growth fueled by new revenue opportunities requires a steady, time-tested approach. memoryBlue runs sales development campaigns using a combination of core elements which give our clients a competitive advantage over the competition.

The building blocks of our sales development campaigns work in concert and produce tangible results.

Step into a world where progress is meticulously measured, the tech stack is world-class, and a dedicated team of sales professionals collaborates to become a seamless extension of your organization.

A Team Approach

memoryBlue clients harness the value we provide through our committed account teams. Every sales development campaign includes:

  • Dedicated, well-trained SDRs
  • The experienced guidance of a Client Delivery Manager
  • Oversight from a veteran Managing Director
  • An internal Salesforce Admin, available to ensure data integration is optimized while handling all sales operations activities

This team immerses itself in your business and grows to be an extension of your internal sales resources. That means not only do you have top-tier SDRs groomed to relentlessly uncover prospective new deals, but you get regular insights and consistent marketplace feedback from sales managers and leaders working on your behalf.

Finally, memoryBlue’s Head of Delivery and Client Services, Kristen Wisdorf, oversees all client engagement activities for the company. She plays a vital role in the strategic oversight and success of every campaign.

Take a closer look at these additional components tailored specifically to boost every sales development campaign at memoryBlue.


Cutting Edge Tech Stack

memoryBlue invests in world-class sales tools built to provide our account teams with an array of firepower. It’s expensive and requires time-consuming training for companies to invest in the software needed to truly enable sales success. We handle that part of the equation for our clients. Here are just a few components of our modern sales tech stack:

  • Salesforce – simply one of the best, and most powerful, CRM’s in the world.
  • FrontSpin – a sales engagement tool that streamlines SDR calling and emailing efforts in a systematic fashion within a scheduled cadence.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator/ZoomInfo – Powerful database search tools for key prospect list building.
  • ExecVision – a conversational intelligence platform designed to dramatically aid our post-call reviews and coaching efforts.
  • Hoopla – gamification software that amplifies sales performance through live broadcasts of breaking company news and major milestone achievements.

Weekly Reporting and Client Huddles

Our account teams meet with memoryBlue clients on a weekly basis to discuss campaign progress, map out new strategies and provide market and messaging feedback. We are a metrics-driven organization and a central element of these huddles includes surfacing a shared view of all campaign Key Performance Indicators.

The in-house sales enablement team routinely refines and upgrades our reporting views, and the account team shares these reports with clients in real-time. Progress is measured and campaigns benefit from in-depth discussions that go beyond simply viewing the metrics, as we distill the meaning of the numbers into actionable feedback.


Call Review and Coaching

memoryBlue instills a culture of continuous improvement when it comes to our sales development expertise. Detailed post-call examination allows SDRs and SDR Managers to actively determine what works, and what does not work, in order to make incremental improvements on future performance. Our call review software is some of the best in the industry and we have embedded its usage in every aspect of our business: from memoryBlue Academy to client campaigns, even deploying it for company-wide “Best Call” competitions.

This creates sales professionals who are proverbial students of the game, consistently reviewing their plans, strategies and in-game performances. And it allows our management team to actively coach incremental campaign messaging improvement based on real-life events.


Client Feedback Emphasis

Incorporating direct client feedback into our campaigns is a guiding principle at memoryBlue. We accomplish this task in three primary ways:

  • Weekly Client Huddles – a regular meeting between our account team and the lead points of contact for our clients.
  • Client Lead Scoring Program – all retained sales lead generation clients are strongly encouraged to participate in scoring the new business leads we surface on a scale of 1-10. We expose the last 1,000 scored leads in real-time right on our Web site home page, and routinely use the scores and feedback as a valuable tool to ensure successful campaigns.
  • Client Surveys – We ask clients to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about the direction and quality of our services at the 45-day mark of the campaign, and then every 90 days thereafter. The results are reviewed by the entire memoryBlue Leadership Team and direct client conversations regarding this feedback follow suit.

Ongoing Professional Sales Training

Sales training done right is time-intensive and requires continuous guidance from experts. New skills must be learned, refined, applied and reinforced in a methodical way for sales pros to make big strides.

After decades of experience successfully training and launching the careers of hundreds of highly accomplished sales professionals, we gathered our proven strategies, methods and educational practices together in one place called memoryBlue Academy. Every SDR launches their career with us by going through this intensive 6-week, instructor-led curriculum.

Sales training and education continues for all memoryBlue employees well beyond Academy. Our entire team takes part in weekly all-hands hour-long training sessions designed to pick out one important skill and dive deep into the best practices associated with it. Additionally, SDRs and Managers alike frequently present skill-based training to their peers in our local offices. On top of those vital channels, we produce a range of Webinars and short-form videos focused on sales-related topics that frequently feature insights and advice from accomplished sales professionals across the country.

Ready to Boost Your Bottom Line?

Our sales development efforts produce new business opportunities that have converted into $1M+ closed deals. Hundreds of high-tech companies have trusted memoryBlue to help them grow, penetrate new markets or test the viability of a new product.

Learn how we can customize a sales development program for your company today.

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