Tech Sales is for Hustlers Podcast

Getting to the Heart of Successful Tech Sales Careers

Tech Sales is for Hustlers Podcast Cover ArtTech Sales is for Hustlers is a memoryBlue podcast that features company cofounders Chris Corcoran and Marc Gonyea sitting down with former employees – appropriately termed our alumni – to unearth the untold stories, secrets of success and winding pathways that have led to big-time tech sales careers.

Every single featured guest arrived at high-tech sales in a different way, but each shares a common bond: they launched their sales careers right here within the halls of memoryBlue.

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Episode 02: Abigail Lacy – The Selfless Seller

It can be easy to dismiss sales as a “selfish” profession, it’s a problem that Abigail Lacy personally wrestled with when she started her career at memoryBlue in 2013. But after a few months in her initial SDR role, she discovered that a selfless attitude was the very best way to unlock sales success.

In this week’s episode of Tech Sales is for Hustlers, you’ll hear why waiting tables is a great transition into professional sales, how Abigail keeps the notion of serving others front and center in her sales career, and what to look out for in an early-stage technology company.

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Episode 01: Matt Crush – The Value of a $20K Pay Cut

Would you have the courage to take a $20,000 pay cut to change careers and chart a course for a brighter professional future? That’s precisely what Matt Crush did in order to launch his tech sales career back in 2016. Today he serves as a highly successful Director of Business Development at Resonate and he’s never looking back.

In this inaugural Tech Sales is for Hustlers podcast episode, you’ll hear how (and why) Matt bet on himself, what transpired when he went a whole year without closing a sale, and glean insight from a range of valuable lessons he learned from working with two clients during his tenure at memoryBlue.

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